Triple safety. Simply good.
With it’s OSMOTRON WFI, BWT sets the standard, again. This time
for membrane based WFI-systems. A triple membrane barrier is used
for maximum safety and efficiency.

The compact frame has everything you need to purify drinking water reliably into
water for injection in best quality. The standardised system and its performance
substantially exceeds the requirements of the applicable regulations (Ph. Eur., USP)
Discover the safe and efficient solution for membrane based generation of WFI
See more. Instantly.
Analyze the total cell count in PW and WFI.

USP and Ph. Eur. support rapid methods for microbial monitoring (RMM) of critical
utilities. The AQU@Sense MB skyrockets your overall analytics performance.

This user-friendly AQU@Sense MB is the perfect complement for convential HPC:
Few minutes as time-to-result instead of five days, the quantitative Insights are way better
due precise direct measurement and the costs per sample are far less expensive.
Discover the precise RMM-Technology BWT AQU@Sense MB


BWT Pharma & Biotech is the world-wide leading provider of applications for generation, storage and distribution of PW/HPW, WFI and pure steam.

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