Turning point for generation of WFI.

The revision of Ph. Eur. WFI monograph (0169) enables the production
of WFI without the use of distillation. This is effective from April 2017.

This guide (PDF) gives the questions and answers for the most
relevant aspects and includes checklists and further information.

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Worldwide presence.
Solutions and Services for the supply of clean utilities.

BWT Pharma & Biotech supports global and local customers
with subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia,
where ever clean utilities are.

Experienced teams around the world
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planning, execution and expert services.

The only market leader for clean utilities capable of providing
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BWT experts are worldwide on-site. For you.

Good service means more than corrective maintenance.

AQU@SERVICE for clean media systems:
Comprehensive Services according to GMP, manufacturer and product independent.
From preventive maintenance, calibration of all sensors to remote monitoring and assistance.
All from one hand - competent, coordinated and documentated.

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New construction or conversion of clean utility generation?
In any case plan such projects with BWT Pharma & Biotech.

The portfolio, the focus, success and experiences with more than 1000 satisfied customers speaks for us.
Cutting edge technology - from pretreatment to generation and distribution until the consumer.

Clean utilities at the highest level. Since 1964.

Products for the generation, storage and distribution of PW/HPW/WFI/PS.
Electrodeionization for water purification

Electrodeionization (EDI) is the final process step in the production of purified water.

No compromises for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries:
Only the leading product SEPTRON by BWT is manufactured in Europe and
built in 316L stainless steel.

More about electrodeionization with the unique BWT Septron.
Reliable generation of highly purified water

Worldwide the OSMOTRON by BWT is the most popular system and
convinces customers more often than any other solution.

One compact skid contains all process steps and a validated, comfortable
automation for an efficient and safe generation of PW/HPW.
Additionally, into each OSMOTRON, we put decades of
experience, expertise and technical perfection.

The reliable system for PW/HPW generation


BWT Pharma & Biotech is the world-wide leading provider of applications for generation, storage and distribution of PW/HPW, WFI and pure steam.

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