Everything under control. With AQU@View.

Automatically better. Through intelligent unit control.

The symbiotic relationship between unit design and process management is essential for clear monitoring of ultra-pure media systems. This is why BWT has an in-house automation department. Experts are responsible for planning control cabinets, programming validated software for the module library and implementing these in your project.
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Excellent automation for ultra-pure media systems


Comfortable. Intuitive. Secure.

At BWT, intelligent automation has been very important for many years. Networked control of individual units and integration with higher-level control technology is of paramount importance for process stability. AQU@View from BWT optimizes your entire ultra-pure media process. The best solution for every company arises from the individual combination of systems, services and software. BWT developments create added value for customers. This recording and analysis of data in the whole ultra-pure media system means everything is available at a glance at all times. Everything is available at a glance all the time. React promptly in case of a fault. Clear trends and reports provide evaluation and visualization of process values in various ways. Operation of AQU@View is with a simple, intuitive structure.


BWT has developed an in-house user interface. This has an impressively clear, simple user interface and is used on all HMIs. Users like the consistent visual approach. The modular design means that the scope of the functions can be tailored to individually specified requirements.

  • Optimal human-machine interaction
  • Standardized interface for all BWT units
  • Intuitive and simple expansion of functions
  • Paperless, digital documentation
  • System networking with AQU@View Connect
  • Greater process security
  • Real-time status visualization

AQU@View Main­ten­ance Manage­ment

The digital concierge provides support when using the ultra-pure media system and ensures high levels of long-term availability. An intuitive traffic light system displays the status. It shows current and upcoming maintenance requirements based on the current status. This means users are informed at all times.

Scheduled, regular maintenance intervals can be entered into the customer's ERP system as well as in the course of the whole manufacturing process. Unit availability and assistance in ordering wear parts & consumables can be readily automated via the ERP using real operating parameters. Operating data and intelligent analyses act as the foundation.

Aqua View Aqua View

AQU@View Data Services

Glimpse into the ultra-pure media system. Recording and analysis of automation data play a central part in monitoring intelligent value chains. There is only one solution for optimizing manufacturing processes or evaluating costs, process and system data. Together, BWT and you can optimize unit control, rectify faults, ensure product quality and use information for maintenance.

The foundation for AQU@View Data Intelligence can be found in modules that enable automatic analysis, integration into higher-level process management and designing a tailored intelligence dashboard.

AQU@View Data Intelligence and BWT experts can help you get the most out of your data.

Diagnose und Support Diagnose und Support

Our claim: 100% ultra-pure media for the pharma & biotech sectors

Safe and reliable. Future-proof and efficient. Transparent and modular. An automation solution, rigorously developed for an industry. That was how we did it. For ultra-pure media systems in the pharma & biotech industries.

AQU@View has everything operators and inspectors in this sector expect: Access and change logs, data recording and monitoring consumption points—all features are programmed to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. All modules are validated. Software code is open and future-proof. That is intelligent automation.

Aqua View
Aqua View


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