Innovations are our strength and your benefit.

Technological highlights from BWT

Sophisticated products provide greater safety and quality, and are more cost-effective in the production, storage and distribution of PW, WFI & PS.

Core Technologies

Core Technologies

Innovations from BWT. Outstanding products.

As an ISO-certified company, we don't just look for good solutions, we look for the very best. This focus on the best quality is our motivation for continuous research and development. The result is that our customers have extremely safe, cost-effective and reliable solutions, only from BWT.

Innovation by BWT

Our sole objective over many years has been to improve the quality of life wherever water is present, and to use customised water treatment processes to achieve the best possible water quality. However, we do not limit our range to standard products, but constantly set new standards in water technology. In the spirit of our “Feel, taste, see the difference” philosophy, we supply products to our customers that are genuinely innovative, which include pleasant-tasting and vitality-boosting drinking water, silky-soft Pearl Water as a beauty therapy, or water in its purest form as an essential component in high-tech applications. Feel, taste and see the difference!

Exclusively for purified media within the pharma & biotech sectors

100% pharma-compliant. In design, traceability and quality certification.

Pharmacopoeias, regulations and guidelines have explicit requirements regarding ultra-pure media systems.

We are convinced: Standard water treatment components from other industries are not suitable. Special pharma-compliant developments are more suitable as they offer greater safety and better quality. If there's no product available on the market, we believe there is only one solution: No compromises. Make it ourselves.

SEPTRON Electrodeionization

The module, which was specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry, deionizes RO permeate. The function is a combination principle of ion exchange and electrodialysis.

  • 316 L housing
  • Seal-free spiral-wound technology
  • Throughflow with little dead space
  • 100% factory tested & certified
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The crit­ical micro­bi­o­log­ical tank must be under control to ensure that PW is safely stored. This is ensured with elec­trolyt­i­cally gener­ated ozone directly from Puri­fied Water, without addi­tives. The result is effi­cient, cost-​effective and contin­uous sani­tizing of the ware­house and distri­b­u­tion system.

  • Extremely effec­tive germ reduc­tion
  • Cost-​effective instal­la­tion & oper­a­tion
  • Simple instal­la­tion, commis­sioning & oper­a­tion
  • Contin­uous tank and regular auto­mated loop sani­ti­za­tion
  • Envi­ron­men­tally friendly.
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Disin­fects Puri­fied Water and removes ozone until it is below the detec­tion limit. Specially designed for the pharma industry—316 L stain­less steel for parts that come into contact with the media, elec­trop­o­l­ished with rough­ness < 0.5 μm

  • Safe ozone reduc­tion
  • Effi­cient PW disin­fec­tion
  • Low oper­a­tion & main­te­nance costs
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Bewades UV


Puri­fied Water with enhanced micro­bi­o­log­ical safety: The SEPTRON EDI module with inte­grated final ultra-​filtration membrane. Welcome to the future of PW gener­a­tion.

  • Maximum safety
  • Highest yield
  • Minimum foot­print
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AQU@Sense MB

Micro­bi­o­log­ical quality of Puri­fied Water at a glance at all times. Simply reli­able. The flow cyto­metric process delivers impres­sively accu­rate results.

  • Online or offline measure­ment
  • In-​depth analysis option for micro­bi­ol­o­gists
  • Prompt status infor­ma­tion & reac­tion option
  • Reli­able counting of all cells, not just colonies
  • Simple data transfer for system inte­gra­tion
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Aqua Sense


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