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Critical Utilities - a lifetime in good hands.

Professional service is essential so that the required quantities of suitable ultra-pure media are available and that the long-term value of the unit is maintained. BWT offers the excellent AQU@Service.
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Well supported throughout the life cycle

Cold WFI

Inspection, maintenance, and calibration. Always documented.

Are purified water and steam essential to production? If yes, then system availability is vital. Reassuring for you: As a reliable partner, BWT also provides support for your system. AQU@Service offers all services regarding system operations from a single source and during the entire service life of the unit. Every customer receives their own tailored package for full service. Regardless of manufacturer. From a single source.

Service – As individual as you are.

AQU@Service stands for customized, comprehensive service.

  • Customized service plans
  • Modular and flexible
  • Long-term retention of unit value
  • Service from a single source
  • Maintains qualified status
  • Documentation in line with GMP guidelines (put in the last position on the list)
  • Ideal preparation for audits and inspections
  • Maximizing long-term availability
Aqua Service Aqua Service

In the best hands. GMP maintenance by BWT

The service engineer analyzes the process data at the beginning. He discusses results with the customer and carries out appropriate measures if necessary.

GMP Wartung

Transparent. Exchanging seals

Seals and membranes suffer from aging. For this reason, a full and documented exchange is required periodically. A team of reliable, experienced BWT specialists organizes and carries out this complex task.


Proven accuracy due to calibration

The reliability of automation and data recording hinges on the sensors used. Regular monitoring and calibration of all components that are critical from a quality and process perspective is therefore an integral part of any good service.


Proven integrity

Integrity is always important in life. The same applies to units, and especially filters. Inspectors also place increased emphasis on it. BWT monitors and documents sterile filters and final ultrafiltration stages as part of the service.


Clearly documented down to the last detail

BWT service technicians and engineers are specialists in pharmaceutical water systems. They know what documentation should look like so that all questions can be clearly and satisfactorily answered during an audit or inspection.

Data Services & Intelligence

Together with BWT's experienced analysts, you can see hidden information from the available systems and operating data and get the very best out of your ultra-pure media system.

Constantly or occasionally. Proactively or on demand. You decide the frequency and scope of the data analysis. BWT places great store on security: Access takes place only via protected VPN connections. You define the BWT specialist's type and scope of access.

Aqua Service AQUA Service

Assistance in serious cases. Anywhere and immediately.

Always ready to listen on the 24/7 hotline

BWT is your expert contact if any questions arise. Round the clock, every single day. Customers contacting our service hotline get a prompt response. The situation is analyzed together, recommendations for action are given, and next steps are initialized such as delivering parts or scheduling services.

Hilfe im Notfall

Facts and figures. Remote diagnostics and support

Current and historic operating data is worth its weight in gold when searching for quick causes and solutions. BWT can temporarily allow operators secure access to its systems for this purpose. Specialists analyze the data then take the corresponding appropriate measures.

Aqua View

On-site. For you.

Experienced service technicians find the solution for the problem on-site as fast as possible and necessary. Their high level of education, regular training, and years of experience ensure that all assistance is of the finest quality.

Vor Ort

Qualifications and experience

Just let the purification media specialists work on your systems. From BWT.

We have known about the especially stringent pharma and biotech requirements since early on. We reacted and now specialize in them. Logical result: BWT specialists are now ultra-pure media system specialists in a regulated environment.

The benefits are clear! Tailored qualification and training, precise documentation and a valuable source of experience. Customers receive exactly what they expect and what they are used to from BWT. Excellent ultra-pure media for a lifetime. Top-quality AQU@Service.

Vor Ort Vor Ort


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At home worldwide

We are where our customers are. Always nearby.

Close­ness is more than a feeling. It is a promise we keep. Over 100 highly trained, qual­i­fied service tech­ni­cians are avail­able world­wide. We are present in all the most impor­tant markets, along with compe­tent selected part­ners.

Whether a medium-​sized company or a multi­na­tional group, the same consis­tently excel­lent service is provided. They all benefit from our effi­cient struc­tures in staff and mate­rials plan­ning.

The result is excel­lent AQU@Service from BWT world­wide.