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BWT - the full service provider

For more than 50 years BWT delights its customers with a comprehensive range of units and wide-ranging services. We are the best partner across the whole lifecycle regarding PW, WFI and PS.

The correct solu­tion

Support for the whole life-cycle.

Do you name your pure water "Purified Water" in line with the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP), or do you use "Aqua Purificata"? Or do you need Water for Injection and call it "Aqua ad Iniectabilia"? We provide the ideal treat­ment system and the appro­priate storage and distri­b­u­tion solu­tion right up to the point of use. If the feed water demands it, the level of pretreat­ment required for safe oper­a­tion can be carried out with no issues. From initial commis­sioning to ongoing oper­a­tions, our expe­ri­enced, expert service team is avail­able world­wide to provide support.

A wide and unique product range

Unparalleled standards. From pre-treatment to the point of use.

There's some­thing for almost everyone's ultra-pure media require­ments in the BWT range. Whether Puri­fied Water, Water for Injec­tion or Pure Steam are required, whether the focus is on pretreat­ment, produc­tion or storage and distri­b­u­tion, BWT has a solu­tion. Appro­priate pretreat­ment is included if this is required for potable water.

This is always in accor­dance with the same, high BWT stan­dards for pharma and biotech, proven over the years and rigor­ously devel­oped. BWT offers a full range of ultra-pure media within the pharma and biotech sectors.

Purified Water Purified Water
Hände in Wasser Hände in Wasser
Pharma Pharma

In best hands - the whole lifecycle.

With our service, you get safety and trust.

Ensure the long-term value and qualified condition of your units. Preventative service ensures many years of use. The first-class, pharma-compliant AQU@Service from BWT means you can take audits and inspections in your stride without worries.

The service scope is tailored to your ultra-pure media system, performed accurately and precisely documented.

Customer satisfaction is part of our DNA

Professional from initial inquiry to completion

We provide full support through all the phases of your project. From the concept study through design and planning, in-depth engineering to project management. We achieve the desired quality while paying due attention to time and costs.

Documentation is compiled continuously and complies with relevant, up-to-date regulations and ISPE Engineering Guidelines. This helps us create the foundation for successful qualification and validation of your ultra-pure media system.

Diagnose und Support Diagnose und Support

Better, bit by bit

AQU@View is the pharma-compliant solution for automating purification media

Is automation an essential part of units for you? It is for BWT Pharma & Biotech. That's why we have our own team of hardware and software experts and also why we have written and validated an in-house library of software modules. We are fair and fully transparent with the use of open, clearly commented and easily understood source codes. The intuitive UX design focuses on the user and is standardized across all BWT units.

Aqua View Aqua View


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