The solution for safe PW storage, distribution, and monitoring.

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  • Service-friendly design
  • Dead zone optimized design through block valve technology
  • Standardized, tested ready for connection, and prequalified as part of the FAT
  • STERITRON electrolytic ozone generator
  • Ozone is safely removed to below detection limits with the pharmaceutical version of the BEWADES UV unit
  • Calibrated measuring technology
  • High-performance pumps, speed-regulated ensure that operation is safe and quiet and that there are
  • optimal alterations made to the hydraulic conditions in the loop
  • Central sampling panel
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As great as it is compact

We know there is only one correct answer for the safe storage, distribution, monitoring, and sanitization of Purified Water: LOOPO C.

The combination of ozone and UV compared to periodic hot sanitization offers many convincing advantages for storage and distribution systems at ambient temperature.

The entire tank and loop design is much simpler. A pressure-free tank, normal sterile filters and pipes, free of insulation, are sufficient. Hot sanitation systems require expensive pressure-resistant stainless steel tanks, heated filter housings, and insulated pipes.

In addition, storage in the otherwise microbiologically critical tank with ozone is always completely safe and always under control. Automated, periodic ozonization of the entire distribution system as far as the valve on the point of use.

Speed-regulated high-performance pump for consistently ideal hydraulic conditions in the loop system

Pharmaceutical version of the BEWADES UV unit safely ensures that ozone is removed to below detection limits

DTS heat exchanger for a consistent water temperature during a reference phase and circulation

Quality measurement units for monitoring the quality of water regarding TOC, ozone, and conductivity

AQU@View automation with quality validated software modules, especially for pharmaceutical water systems. The highlight of the Loopo is point of use management alongside the data logger

STERITRON ozone generator for continuous optimum safety in the PW tank and extremely effective periodic ozone sanitization of the whole loop

AQU@Service for PW systems

Maximum safety, reliability, and value retention in critical production applications is achieved via quality systems, preventative service, and intelligent spare parts management.

Durch den geplanten Service mit dem Austausch aller Verschleißteile, dokumentierte Kalibrierung der Sensoren und Wechsel aller Dichtungen und Membrane ist man im Betrieb, bei Audits und Inspektionen mit BWT auf der sicheren Seite.


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