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In house production across three continents

Trust the experts at BWT. Experienced specialists make the systems, provide seamless documentation, test them with you and provide support during the whole lifecycle.

Consistently the best quality


BWT's ultra-pure media solu­tions have an excel­lent repu­ta­tion. This is built on years of expe­ri­ence as well as honest, excel­lent work. That's exactly why everyone at BWT does their very best, every single day, to continue to satisfy these expec­ta­tions in the future. More than 50 years of experience and an industry-leading portfolio of technologies and products mean we provide the best solution for Purified Water, Water for Injection and Pure Steam. And this throughout the entire lifecycle as our service team takes care 24/7 for your systems. Worldwide, whereever you are, we are there, also.

Welcome, please come in and join us!

Take a look at the production processes that ensure the quality of BWT's units. From design through incoming goods inspections and production to documentation and Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). Our ISO-certified production sites are located in Basel and Shanghai. This ensures consistent quality and delivery capacity worldwide.


Milestones to your perfect system

The basis for every solution: The correct figures.

Analysis of the avail­able feed water is essen­tial for the design. Peak and daily consump­tion figures must be clar­i­fied to ensure the ideal size. Once all this is known. the ideal solu­tion for PW, WFI and PS becomes clear.

At the same time, applic­able norms and regu­la­tions such as Ph. Eur., USP, CP, FDA, ISPE guide­lines and desired stan­dards such as DIN or ASME are defined and taken into account.


Standardized design

Experience from countless successful projects is combined in BWT's standardized units. Product management and design prepare the foundation for ultra-pure media solutions of the highest quality.

This involves pipe and instrument flow charts as well as 3D plans for solutions for planning and installation. As you would expect, integration in digital building information modeling is possible.


Precision down to the smallest detail

Customers expect only the highest quality from BWT. This is why BWT has in-house production sites with qualified and experienced teams. These are in ideal geographical locations in Boston, Basel and Shanghai. State-of-the-art technology is used as standard at BWT. From the incoming goods inspection through processing to monitoring and documentation.

The SEPTRON modules are specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry and 100% produced, tested and certified in Switzerland, made from traceable materials.


Automatically better

Automation ensures that the components in an ultra-pure media system provide their full capacity. BWT has an in-house team of specialists for this activity. A library of validated software modules ensures reliable controlling and monitoring.

This is always in line with GAMP5 as standard. Electronic records such as an audit trail and data logger are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, as you would expect.



Every unit is tested and qualified before delivery. Our FAT zones feature the necessary media supply as well as sufficient space for qualification (IQ, OQ and DQ) and documentation. This speeds up commissioning, site acceptance tests (SAT) as well as PQ and takes the risk out of the project.

More knowledge helps.

Training for operators ensures greater process security. Understanding the unit, the correct parameters and pharma-compliant operations helps avoid errors.

BWT's qualified experts provide the necessary expertise in both theoretical and practical units. Training is done in small groups to cover specific units, tailored to what staff currently know.



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