Safely store and distribute PW and WFI at ambient temperature. Through ozone by STERITRON.

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  • Electrolytic generation from and the solution is directly within Purified Water
  • No contamination risk due to the in-situ process, no added substances
  • Extremely effective reduction of germs as well as removal of TOC and endotoxins even at low ozone concentrations
  • Continuous operation without additional periodic disinfection with chemicals or steam
  • Insulating the tank and pipes is not necessary
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Simple to use due to an integrated touch-screen display
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A real powerhouse—the STERITRON ozone generator

The STERITRON by BWT is designed for non-stop use. It reliably and cost-effectively ensures safety during cold storage of PW and WFI.
A partial flow of Purified Water is branched off in the flow pipe. This bypass flow runs through the STERITRON cell, which generates ozone and dissolves it in water. From there, it flows back into the loop's return flow. This ensures that the tank is continuously and safely protected through ozone. The BEWADES UV unit safely removes any ozone at the start of the loop until it is below detectable levels once again.

Periodic sanitization takes place without removing any water at the point of use of production. The points of use are blocked off before the BEWADES UV unit is switched off and ozonized water flows through the system. As soon as automation has measured the defined ozone concentration in the return flow over the desired period, the UV unit goes back into operation. Sanitization is completed as soon as no more ozone is detected in the return flow. The points of use are then released once more. Sanitization is simple and safe. Up-to-date without chemicals. Good for the environment and the balance sheet.


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