BWT as a market leader, provides best in class technology and products with brand names like OSMOTRON, SEPTRON, LOOPO and COMBITRON with the highest standards of reliability and safety. We take pride in countless references from satisfied customers.


Purest water

for Pharma & Biotech

BWT is the perfect partner for critical ultra-pure media for more than five decades. lf the end product and production depends on safe generation of sufficient water of the required quality, BWT units and services are the right choice. All over the world, sales, consulting, service and after sales are always close to customers to ensure their satisfaction. For this purpose BWT has three own production sites in Switzerland, United States and China, a great organisation with many experienced specialists and a strong global network.

The comprehensive range extends from the potable water inlet to the point of use. Generators for Purified Water, Water for Injection, and Pure Steam in line with the European Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia, and Chinese Pharmacopoeia are the heart of our business. lt is rounded off with systems for monitoring, storing, and distributing the media as well as periodic or continuous sanitization of storage and distribution system. Suitable units are available for pretreatment through filtration for maximum reliability in difficult feed water conditions. Full support is indispensable for maximum service life and consistently high quality.

In After Sales & Service, BWT's specialists ensure the long-term availability of systems worldwide. This is through scheduled maintenance, modifications, spare parts management, and rapid assistance.


Proven technologies from BWT

Water for Injec­tion

The Ph. Eur. and the USP allow both distillation and membrane-based processes for the production of WFI. Are you aware of which solution is best for you?

Producing WFI. Hot or ambient?

The Ph. Eur. and USP leave you free to choose - good reasons for a correct deci­sion.

The rules were clear for decades: WFI had to be distilled. Since 2017, customers have been free to choose. In the search for the right process, BWT provides inde­pen­dent and neutral advice because our product port­folio offers excel­lent solu­tions for both options.

Together, we can look at all rele­vant factors such as the needs profile and the status quo before carrying out a tailored feasi­bility study.
Osmotron or Multistil Osmotron or Multistil

Purified Water. Pure safety.

Produc­tion, storage, distri­b­u­tion, and service - all from a single source. BWT safe­guards your oper­a­tion.

Puri­fied Water is essen­tial for your produc­tion processes - and BWT is the partner you can rely on.

Discover this excellent range of standardized units for generating, storing, and distributing Purified Water. Experience the full AQU@Service support which ensures that your units efficiently and reliably work for the entire life cycle.
Purified Water Purified Water

WFI and Pure Steam

BWT Systems are a good choice because of their performance and efficiency.

Safety and reliability as standard. Our hot systems provide this either in the natural circulation or falling film process.

The thoughtful design, quality of workmanship, and intelligent automation, together with the service, ensure a long life cycle.

Discover the MULTISTILL and MULTITRON WFI units, the VAPOTRON Pure Steam generator, and the compact, cost-effective COMBITRON, which produces both.

Cont­a­m­i­na­tion Control Strategy - A Guide for Phar­ma­ceu­tical Water Systems

Learn how to implement a contamination control strategy for your water purification system, compliant with EU GMP Annex 1.

Water is an essential ingredient for the pharmaceutical industry, but it also poses a significant risk of microbial contamination. To ensure the quality and safety, a contamination control strategy (CCS) for the water purification system should be implemented, as stated in the EU GMP Annex I. A CCS is a holistic approach that covers the design, operation, maintenance, monitoring and documentation of your water system. It is based on a contamination risk management (CRM) that identifies and mitigates all potential sources of contamination.

Exceptional technical solutions

AQU@Sense MB

Micro­bi­o­log­ical quality of Puri­fied Water at a glance at all times. Truly simple and reli­able. The flow cyto­metric process delivers impres­sively accu­rate results.

  • Online or offline measure­ment
  • In-​depth analysis option for micro­bi­ol­o­gists
  • Prompt status infor­ma­tion & reac­tion option
  • Reli­able counting of cells, not just the colonies
  • Simple data transfer for system inte­gra­tion
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Aqua Sense


The module, which was specially devel­oped for the phar­ma­ceu­tical industry, desali­nates permeate. The func­tion is a combi­na­tion prin­ciple of ion exchange and elec­tro­dial­ysis.

  • 316 L housing
  • Seal-free spiral-wound technology
  • Throughflow with little dead space
  • 100% factory tested & certified
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It is widely believed to be the undis­puted bench­mark in producing Puri­fied Water. Every­thing is installed on a compact frame: Prefilter, soft­ening, reverse osmosis, and SEPTRON elec­trodeion­i­sa­tion. Oper­a­tors have the entire process under control at all times with AQU@View automa­tion.

  • Stan­dard­ized, ready for connec­tion, and prequal­i­fied
  • Readily acces­sible for sampling and main­te­nance
  • Ready for the future: Modular expan­sion
  • Up to 12 m³/h PW on one frame, up to 30 m³/h as multi-​skid
  • Our top seller: World­wide > 1,000 systems in oper­a­tion
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Great things in small pack­ages. In our opinion, there is only one correct answer for the safe storage and distri­b­u­tion of PW to the point of use: The LOOPO. Thanks to the ozone gener­ated directly by STER­ITRON from Puri­fied Water, the micro­bi­o­log­i­cally crit­ical tank is safe. Water is free of ozone in the loop as BEWADES UV removes it until below a detectable level—unless it is required to auto­mat­i­cally ozonize the whole loop system on occa­sion.

The LOOPO is avail­able in various stan­dard­ized sizes with circu­la­tion rates in any size.

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