The electrodeionization module with integrated ultrafiltration - dedicated for membrane-based WFI generation.

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  • Integrated ultrafiltration for optimum microbiological purity
  • Test and evidence of UF integrity when installed
  • Highest yield
  • Seal-free spiral design
  • 316 L stainless steel housing
  • 100% routine testing - performance test with certification
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Exceptional reduction in TOC, high reductions in SiO2 and CO2
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The very best for the best cold WFI

In practice, BWT SEPTRON biosafe modules have demonstrated excellent performance in generating HPW with < 10 CFU/100 ml over many years. Nevertheless, approval of membrane-based processes to produce Water for Injection by amending the monographs in the European Pharmacopoeia was the motivation for completely overhauling the module.

This analysis led to a complete redesign. As a result, the integrity of the ultrafiltration in the SEPTRON WFI module when installed has been tested and proven. Preventative replacement of the final membrane safety barrier is even safer and simpler then before.

We save the best until last

For those who want to produce Water for Injec­tion with the membrane process. For those who refuse to compro­mise. For those who appre­ciate excep­tional quality. BWT took the special require­ments of cold WFI units into account when designing the SEPTRON WFI.

  • Sampling after EDI and after UF
  • Safe removal of endo­toxins with MWCO in line with USP <1231>
  • Ability to test UF integrity when installed
  • Highest yield
Septron WFI Septron WFI


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