Water for Injection by distillation

For parenteral products, Water for Injection is mandatory. The robust, safe and economical BWT distillation systems are popular and proven over decades.
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Distillation units

WFI & PS via the distillation process

Water for Injec­tion (WFI) is chem­i­cally and micro­bi­o­log­i­cally extremely pure and fulfills the most strin­gent quality and safety require­ments. While the USP has permitted the membrane process within the scope of the USP for a long time, the Ph. Eur. permitted only distil­la­tion until April 2017. Distil­la­tion is now the process of choice for many oper­a­tors when it comes to producing WFI. As you would expect, distil­la­tion is absolutely neces­sary for gener­ating Pure Steam.

Performance in series. Reliable supply of WFI in line with requirements.

Safe, cost-effective, robust, and durable. Operators have known about the MULTISTILL's benefits for years. The proven 3G cyclone technology reliably removes any water droplets and other components from the steam. After condensation, the result is the best WFI.

  • Simple permeate is sufficient as an infeed due to the robust process.
  • The falling film process is impressively energy-efficient with smaller generation capacities.
  • Safe separation of droplets and pyrogens in a reliable 3G cyclone
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Extremely simple. Hot storage, distribution, and monitoring of WFI

As reliable as you could wish for, from the tank to the consumer. LOOPO H stores the WFI while monitoring its quality before delivering the required quantity to the point of use when needed. The intelligent AQU@View PoU Manager makes setup and implementation of needs and priorities quite simple.

  • fully preassembled, tested, and prequalified
  • less work required on-site for assembly and qualification
  • ideal hydraulic conditions in the loop due to speed-controlled pumps
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Pure Steam without lots of hot air

It handles pres­sure very well and provides the desired result every time. It is also optional for use in ster­il­izers with proven quality of Pure Steam in line with EN 285.

  • Precise and constant pres­sure regu­la­tion
  • Clear sepa­ra­tion between liquid and steam phase
  • Avail­able as an alter­na­tive to heating steam even as an elec­trical version
  • Excel­lent quality of Pure Steam
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Why choose if both are possible?

Do you require WFI and Pure Steam? Is the avail­able space or budget, or required volume rela­tively small? If so, the flex­ible COMBI­TRON is the ideal solu­tion.

  • Save up to 30% on space and costs
  • Produce WFI and PS either simul­ta­ne­ously or alter­nately.
  • Clear sepa­ra­tion between liquid & steam phases
  • Avail­able as an alter­na­tive to heating steam even as an elec­trical version
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WFI in line with requirements

MULTI­TRON uses the natural circu­la­tion process to produce Water for Injec­tion out of Puri­fied Water. Lower oper­ating costs by a decreased need for hot steam and cooling water with an increased number of colonies.

  • Minimal thermal stress due to freely moving internal column heat exchangers
  • Avail­able as an alter­na­tive to heating steam even as an elec­trical version
  • clear sepa­ra­tion between liquid and steam phase
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The right choice: BWT thermal systems

All compo­nents are assem­bled with all loops being ideally guided into posi­tion on compact stain­less steel frames for ease of handling. Qual­i­fied inspec­tors check all welded seams.

Our plant in Switzerland is qualified in line with ISO 3834-2 standards for welding and all systems from there are supplied as complete assemblies within the scope of the Pressure Equipment Directive. From a customer perspective, this means far less effort during the commissioning test by the relevant inspection body.

These measures ensure that systems are quickly put into place, even in the puri­fied media hub, after the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), and prequalification.

WFI systems are in the best hands during their entire life cycle with the BWT AQU@Service.

Traceable seal replacement

Heat and pressure put tremendous strain on the seals and membranes in hot systems and shorten the expected service life. For this reason, we recommend that they are replaced regularly as a preventative measure. A team of experienced BWT specialists reliably organizes and carries out this complex task. As you would expect, this is clearly and fully documented.
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Traceable Pure Steam verification

The Pure Steam used for ster­il­izers and other appli­ca­tions must satisfy partic­u­larly strin­gent require­ments—these are set out in EN 285 "Pure Steam for Ster­il­izers." It focuses on the propor­tion of non-​condensable gases, steam dryness, and steam super­heating. BWT service tech­ni­cians check the quality and docu­ment the results. Oper­a­tors then have indelible offi­cial proof in black and white.
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Traceable precise calibration

Sensors are used at important points in the process. Confidence in measurements is of paramount importance for process and product safety. That's why BWT's calibration experts frequently monitor the components used in line with standardized processes. Calibrations are done in line with manufacturer instructions, and can be linked to national and international standards including the relevant certificates and documentation
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