Robust, proven falling film distillation.

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  • Simple permeate is sufficient as an infeed due to the robust process.
  • The falling film process has impressive energy efficiency on smaller generator outputs and also by requiring little hot steam and cool water
  • Integrated CO2 separation for an excellent level of conductivity
  • Safe separation of droplets and pyrogens in a reliable 3G cyclone
  • Optional convenient and infinitely variable output control through heating steam pressure and infeed water quantity
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Cost-effective production of pure water

The MULTI falling film distillation unit continuously produces WFI in the most cost-effective manner possible. The robust system processes a wide range of feed water qualities. The foundation of this tolerance is a fully optimized design for the distillation process.

The resulting WFI does not just satisfy the requirements in line with Ph. Eur., USP, and CP, but exceeds them by some distance.

Greater efficiency through n+1 columns, lower energy and cooling output requirements

Automatically better with AQU@View, the solution made of validated modules

Compact, full FAT carried out in the manufacturing plant before delivery and commissioning

An extremely hot tip: Exceptional WFI quality at all times, straight from the MULTISTILL

Excellent 3+G technology for separating droplets or other particles carried along from the gaseous WF

Safe and reliable distillation in the robust falling film process

AQU@Service for WFI System

Maximum safety, reliability, and value retention in critical production applications are achieved via quality systems, preventative service, and intelligent spare parts management.

The planned, documented AQU@Service for distillation units with BWT means users are on the safe side with sensor calibration and replacement of all seals and membranes in operation, as well as in audits and inspections.


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