The electrodeionization module - dedicated for PW generation in Pharma & Biotech.

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  • Seal-free spiral design
  • 316 L stainless steel housing
  • 100% routine testing - performance test with certification
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Exceptional reduction in TOC, high reductions in SiO2 and CO2
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The wonderful heart of our systems

In all modesty, we have to admit: We are proud of our SEPTRON EDI tech­nology. BWT is the only company in Europe that produces spiral modules for elec­trodeion­i­za­tion for the phar­ma­ceu­tical sector.
SEPTRON modules aid the envi­ron­men­tally friendly desali­na­tion of water with low concen­tra­tions of ions (permeate). It works on the prin­ciple of combi­na­tion between ion exchange and elec­tro­dial­ysis where elec­tric current is used instead of chem­i­cals. Its excel­lent prop­er­ties mean that SEPTRON modules are a stan­dard core compo­nent used in all membrane-​based water treat­ment plants from BWT Pharma & Biotech, such as the OSMOTRON, OSMO­Line, or SEPTRON­Line.

SEPTRON biosafe—for the most stringent requirements

For those who have particularly stringent requirements regarding microbiological quality of Purified Water. The first and only EDI module with integrated ultra-filtration membrane stage. The final module barrier ensures that the end result is extremely safe through particle and germ removal as well as pyrogen reduction. It is an extremely cost-effective method to ensure maximum safety with the best PW from a microbiological perspective.


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