WFI and Pure Steam production perfectly harmonized.

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  • Production of WFI & Pure Steam in series or in parallel
  • Optional degassing for Pure Steam requirements in line with EN 285
  • Guaranteed product quality due to strict separation of the liquid and steam phases as well as multi-stage droplet separation
  • Variants for operating with steam, hot water, or electricity
  • approx. 30% less space and cost
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One thing follows the other here.
WFI after PS.

Lower invest­ment, smaller foot­print. It combines both WFI and Pure Steam produc­tion instead of requiring invest­ment in two sepa­rate units. That is the COMBI­TRON. A smart deci­sion. What makes it special: The specially designed first column. The natural circu­la­tion process in the COMBI­TRON ensures maximum reli­a­bility and premium quality, even for the most strin­gent require­ments.

An extremely hot tip: Exceptional WFI quality at all times, straight from the MULTITRON

Extremely intelligent and economical: WFI and pure steam from a single system. With the specially designed first column. The perfect combination - the COMBITRON.

Safe distillation in the reliable natural circulation process

Compact, full FAT carried out in the manufacturing plant before delivery and commissioning

Automatically better with AQU@View, the solution made of validated modules

Greater efficiency through n+1 columns, lower energy and cooling output requirements

AQU@Service for Pure Steam gener­a­tors

BWT Pure Steam gener­a­tors are impres­sively reli­able and durable. AQU@Service provides maximum safety and value reten­tion.

The temper­a­tures and pres­sures during oper­a­tions place a load on membranes and seals. Sched­uled, clear replace­ment with clear docu­men­ta­tion always satis­fies customers.

Pure Steam must fulfill EN 285 require­ments for ster­il­iza­tion in auto­claves. BWT service tech­ni­cians have the knowl­edge and equip­ment to deter­mine and docu­ment steam quality.

AQU Service Reinstdampf AQU Service Reinstdampf


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