Pure steam in best quality. Much more than hot air.

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  • Rapid reaction times to changing steam demands
  • Optional degassing for requirements in line with EN 285 for sterilization in autoclaves
  • Versions for operating with hot steam or electricity
  • Safe product quality thanks to the sharp separation between the liquid and vapor phases and multi-stage droplet separation
  • Reduces thermal stress due to freely movable heat exchangers in the column
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Durable and powerful

Robust and durable. Proven worldwide. VAPOTRON, the reliable unit for generating sterile and pyrogen-free Pure Steam. The compact design saves space, the large panel makes it easier to use the validated AQU@View software.

The VAPOTRON works like the first column in a multiple effect distillation unit. It has impressively low energy consumption through its natural circulation process, extremely even pressure during the feed into the Pure Steam network and low pressure fluctuations even at higher withdrawal capacities. Quality requirements in line with EN 285 are reliably followed with the VAPOTRON when it is equipped with an additional degassing stage.

An extremely hot tip: Exceptional pure steam quality at all times, directly from the VAPOTRON, also available for use in line with EN 285 with integrated degassing unit

Automatically better with AQU@View, the solution made of validated modules

Compact, full FAT carried out in the manufacturing plant before delivery and commissioning

Safe distillation in the reliable natural circulation process

AQU@Service for Pure Steam gener­a­tors

BWT Pure Steam gener­a­tors are impres­sively reli­able and durable. AQU@Service provides maximum safety and value reten­tion.

The temper­a­tures and pres­sures during oper­a­tions place a load on membranes and seals. Sched­uled, clear replace­ment with clear docu­men­ta­tion always satis­fies customers.

Pure Steam must fulfill EN 285 require­ments for ster­il­iza­tion in auto­claves. BWT service tech­ni­cians have the knowl­edge and equip­ment to deter­mine and docu­ment steam quality.

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