Continuous ozonisation at cold storage


STERITRON is a compact electrolytic ozone generator for generating ozone directly from PW/HPW without the need for chemicals. STERITRON ensures highly efficient, cost-effective, automated and continuous sanitization of the storage and distribution system.


Part of the highly purified water is taken from the flow line via a bypass line and fed into the return line of the loop. The water passes through the STERITRON ozone generator cell, where dissolved ozone is added. This process guarantees complete protection of the PW/HPW storage system. A BEWADES UV system at the beginning of the loop breaks down the ozone to an undetectable level < 5 ppb.


The highlights at a glance:


  • There is no risk of contamination because the ozone is generated directly from PW/HPW and dissolves in the water.
  • Extremely effective reduction of the number of germs, TOC and endotoxins are removed even at low ozone concentrations. 
  • Continuous operation without the need for additional, periodic disinfection with chemicals and steam. 
  • The tank and the loop do not have to be separate.
  • Simple installation and commissioning; little maintenance required and very low operating costs.