Space saving, compact system for the storage, distribution, sanitisation and monitoring of Purified Water (PW, aqua purificata) and Highly Purified Water (HPW, aqua valde purificata) with continuous ozonization of the storage tank

The compact system LOOPO C offers the perfect solution for storage, distribution, sanitization and quality monitoring of PW und HPW.

Thanks to continuous ozonisation, LOOPO C protects the storage tanks from microbial contamination and can periodically perform automatic sanitisation of the entire storage and distribution system right through to the extraction points.


The highlights at a glance:

  • Compact integrated storage, distribution, sanitization and monitoring system with electrolytic ozon generator STERITRON and BEWADES-UV ozone destruct unit for reducing ozone below the detection limit before entering the loop system.
  • The rack-mounted system is a space-managing and reliable alternative to conventional stand-alone units.
  • Construction, design and manufacture in accordance with the GMP guidelines, the recommendations of the ´ISPE Engineering Guide´ and FDA guidelines.
  • All piping dead-leg free, made from stainless steel SS 316 L with Tri-Clamp connections and with a surface roughness of all product wetted parts of Ra ≤ 0.8 μm.
  • Use of speed-controlled, high-performance pumps for smooth and quiet operation and optimum adaptation to the hydraulic conditions of the distribution system.
  • All LOOPO units are equipped with calibrated measurement equipment.
  • DTS coolers throughout the system ensure a constant temperature.
  • All LOOPO units are completely premounted, pre-tested and pre-qualified with a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).


More information:

Brochure PW / HPW Generation, Storage and Distribution (PDF)