AQU@VIEW - modern control systems
for maximum operational safety

With AQU@VIEW, BWT Pharma & Biotech offers a platform that encompasses validated automation productions. Depending on the application, customers can select the equipment they actually need from a range of modular designs.


All pure utility systems can be operated easily and intuitively using HMI (human machine interface).


The AQU@VIEW control system consists of:



The software design is based on a BWT-developed and validated software module library for Siemens and Rockwell PLC systems. The software has been adapted to the special requirements of individual process engineering system components. GAMP-compliant design specifications, test descriptions and reports ensure trouble-free use in the pharmaceutical industry.



The modern and smart visualisation software based on Siemens and Rockwell PLC systems enables validated and simple process control.


AQU@VIEW Audit Trail

Enables secure and reliable logging of accesses and changes to parameters using 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software and data integrity.


AQU@VIEW Data Logger

cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, manipulation-secure data logging software for secure and reliable monitoring, for visualising trends and archiving. Data can be exported to all standard file formats without any problems.


AQU@VIEW Data Export

Standardised interfaces export process data via Ethernet to process control systems installed at the customer’s site.


AQU@VIEW Point-of-Use Management

It controls the output to different points of use according to priorities by optimally utilising the system output.


AQU@VIEW Reporting

Automated creation of operating data logs replaces manual entry and reduces the risk of incorrect entries and allows for reliable remote diagnosis. Detailed system logs are output as Excel worksheets, PDF files or database files.



Systems can be monitored by the operator via remote access using a modem, the web or GPRS. This is of advantage, particularly when there are systems at different locations.


AQU@VIEW Remote Assistance

In agreement with the system operator, process data is automatically transmitted by e-mail to BWT. Qualified BWT technical personnel evaluate the data; they detect trends at an early stage and offer troubleshooting advice with the aim of preventing future system and production downtimes.


AQU@VIEW Documentation

The detailed documentation of all project phases – from design and planning through qualification documentation to the operating manuals – completes the working procedures.


Aquaview Documentation


Aquaview Panel