In the long run, aqu@service makes the
difference for all clean utility systems

Reduce unscheduled downtimes to the minimum.
Ensure maximum system availability.

As overall service partner for clean utility systems, BWT Pharma & Biotech
provides consistent and compliant service documentation,
reduces administrative and coordinative cost,
increases comfort and safety
during quality audits and inspections,
as well as providing maximum production safety.

Discover and configure the different products for your specific demand individually.

Great Service - more than corrective maintenance

Tailored service, inspection, and preventive maintenance concepts, calbiration & replacement parts. Total clean utility service

Audit, Optimization and Upgrade

More years of performance and efficiency. For all clean utility systems. Best total lifecycle performance

Direct help

Expert service and quick response on hotline and remote assistance. Help in emergencies


Qualified production staff for safe production. Sharing knowledge