More years of performance and efficiency

Operators aren’t left alone with their plants. AQU@SERVICE ensures a long, productive and economic life time. Regardless of manufacturer and current status of the clean utility system. And if a larger expansion becomes necessary, BWT Pharma & Biotech includes that, too.



All machine operators can benefit from AQU@SERVICE. Manufacturer-independent. In such cases, a BWT service engineer will carry out a qualified system audit and deduce the status, output, and potential of the plant. Based on these results and the requirements of the operator, specific measures are recommended and possibilities for their implementation suggested.

  • Simple status analysis
  • In-depth planning basis
  • Manufacturer independent


AQU@SERVICE Optimiziation

Optimization and software updates make sure that systems always correspond to current technical standards and the up-to-date GMP regulations. The productivity, efficiency, and process safety are therefore maintained or even improved, while operating costs are saved at the same time. The lifetime and availability are increased. The newest components ensure long-term availability of replacement parts.


Of course, BWT also takes on the responsibility for the qualification, validation, and documentation of modifications.

  • Increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Increased machine, production and process security
  • Qualification/validation



When regular need for clean utilities reaches the limits of production and buffering capacity, an expansion of capacity within the existing works, or an installation of a completely new system must be considered.


As systems are generally not permitted to go offline, or only for as short a time as possible, many parameters must be considered when making such decisions. We look for, find, discuss, and implement individually tailored solutions to suit customer needs.

  • Extended total lifespan
  • Scheduling
  • Future Security regarding quality and performance



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