Efficient and secure pharmaceutical production relies on a manufacturing process that conforms to the guidelines. A determining factor in that is personnel


The better the staff on-site understand the plant and the overall system and know the ropes, the safer the routine work on the plant can be carried out and the downtime minimized.


Training owners and operators allows for better operating safety. It's important for the entire core team when bringing up new plants for new staff. For the expert staff on location regular refreshers help to strengthen and deepen the knowledge .


BWT Pharma & Biotech provides qualification to staff globally according to the same quality standards. That means that AQU@SERVICE Training can bring the relevant knowledge and skills for the whole clean utility system to your business. Theoretical and practical content is adapted individually to suit customer needs, and supplied in the BWT Pharma & Biotech classrooms or at the plant on-site.


Regulatory requirements for proof of qualification of staff are therefore also fulfilled.


The benefits at a glance:

  • Better-qualified staff
  • Expert knowledge, first-hand
  • Practical exercises
  • Small groups 
  • Training certificates 



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