Great Service - more than corrective maintenance

Maximum plant availability through optimum operation and minimal downtime, planned where possible, and long-term asset value are every production managers goal.


For this reason, AQU@SERVICE covers the whole spectrum of customer-friendly services for clean utility systems.


With an experienced and well-trained staff, precision tools and instruments, a lot of experience, and high demands on quality


More than 100 qualified service engineers from BWT help worldwide on-site. They are positioned geographically in Europe, North America and Asia in the right place for the customers.


AQU@SERVICE includes



    Service on demand



    When it comes to breakdowns, problems, or abnormalities, response time, analysis and repair are paramount in ensuring customer downtime is kept to a minimum.


    • Expert staff
    • Fast reaction time
    • Global
    Planned and documentend pharma-approved GMP maintenance



    Regular care and preventive maintenance are important for safe and durable permanent operation, and maximum value preservation. Professional, mutually planned and agreed, pharma-compliant maintenance works and inspections by specialists, with documentation according to cGMP rules and ISPE guidelines.


    • Preventive maintenance
    • Planned maintenance window
    • Experience exchange on site
    Calibration for quality and process critical measurements

    AQU@SERVICE Calibration


    To guarantee that product quality remains constant, all quality and process critical measurements in clean utility systems must be periodically calibrated according to standardized cycles. All calibration are traceable to international standards (such as NIST, DKD) and are supported by certificates and relevant documentation.


    • For all sensors, independent of manufacturer and model
    • Low expense
    • Safe processes and products
    Customer- and system-specific replacement parts concept

    AQU@SERVICE Spare Parts


    The experts in our replacement parts service know customers’ plants and operating requirements. Access to multiple, comprehensive warehouses on every continent with global logistics increases the security and availability of clean utility systems.


    • For all systems
    • Original parts or first-manufacturer quality
    • Validated wear/replacement parts
    • Advisory recommendation
    • Parts recommendation
    Pharma-certified seal- and membrane replacement

    AQU@SERVICE Replacement of seals


    In the product-related area, there are planned seal-change intervals. Each individual seal is packed to comply with pharma norms, is provided with a sticker that clearly displays the installation location and all commercial information in text, and is contained within a QR code. In the LOC and R+I guidelines, all replaced seals are documented clearly.


    • Efficient planning
    • Clearly traceable
    • Safe
    Documentation update

    AQU@SERVICE Documentation


    Adaptions are constantly made to clean utility systems. So that current as-maintained documentation is readily available in data carriers, technical documentation is continuously managed and adapted by BWT. In so doing, the delivery of replacement and wear parts, material and calibration certificates and service activities are updated.


    • Premium documentation quality
    • Safe audits and inspections
    • Minimum expense
    Proof of integrity of sterile barriers

    AQU@SERVICE Integrity of sterile filters


    Proof that sterility barriers are free from damage is a critical and urgently prescribed step in the context of bio-pharmaceutical production processes. Inspectors and auditors often ask questions, for example, to check the integrity of ventilation filters on tanks. With AQU@SERVICE, the measurement is taken as part of regular maintenance. In one go the so far installed filter candle which is regularly replaced and the newly installed one are tested. Thus the continuous integrity is proven.


    • Safe Inspections
    • Test of replaced and new filter
    • Prove of continious integrity
    Pure steam qualtiy testing

    AQU@SERVICE Pure steam quality


    To guarantee reliable sterilization and safety, the DIN EN 285 guideline “Sterilization — steam sterilizers — large sterilizers” describes the requirements and test of steam quality in steam sterilizers and pure steam generators. The recommended measures of dryness, overheating, and non-condensable gases are carried out ideally in the course of maintenance.


    • Trouble-free process
    • Experienced technicians
    • Safe inspection



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