Compact unit for hot storage, distribution, and monitoring.

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  • Assembled at the factory on a compact frame ready for connection, tested, and prequalified - simply connect them to the tank and loop and put them into operation
  • Optimized design with few dead zones and central sampling panel and block valve technology
  • User-friendly AQU@View automation for monitoring and mapping all parameters relevant for processes and quality
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Safely store and distribute hot WFI

Distillation units reliably produce hot Water for Injection. The water is collected in insulated pressure-resistant tanks. It must then be safely and reliably transported from there to consumers through the loop system. The integrated solution as a cost-effective alternative to individual components together on-site. The LOOPO H.

Preassembled on a compact frame, it is the cost-effective answer for storing, distributing, and monitoring the quality of WFI. The LOOPO H maintains the temperature in the entire storage and distribution system at the desired level. Cold withdrawals are provided with tap coolers if required.

Service for WFI distribution systems with hot storage

Professional, preventative service is of the utmost importance for long-term safety, reliability, and value retention. The systems go through inspections and audits with ease along with the relevant documentation. The scopes are customized specifically for the requirements of thermal systems.

Ultimately, heat and pressure put tremendous strain on the seals and membranes in hot systems and shorten the expected service life. We recommend that these are replaced regularly as a preventative measure. Our team of reliable, experienced BWT specialists organizes and carries out this complex task. As you would expect, this is clearly and fully documented.
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