Safely store and distribute WFI at ambient temperature

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  • Design in line with Ph. Eur., USP, and ISPE
  • Constant safety through continuous ozone sanitization
  • For sanitization of the loop up to the points of use, the options are ozone or hot water
  • Dead zone optimized design through innovative block valve technology.
  • Quality calibrated sensors and the latest flow measurement
  • Compact and easy to maintain, tested ready for connection in the FAT, and prequalified
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The best cold WFI, everywhere.

This is what the ultimate solution for safe storage and distribution of WFI at ambient temperature looks like. Totally overhauled in line with regulations and guidelines in order to satisfy the most demanding quality requirements at every turn. The result is impressive.

The STERITRON ozone generator ensures round-the-clock safety during cold storage in the tank whilst enabling effective ozonization of the whole loop. Thermal sanitization of the tank and loop with hot water is also possible as a second, supplementary process. The main advantage of this combination: No unwanted substances have to be added from outside. That's twice the safety for extremely critical WFI.

Alongside the readily accessible sampling tray, quality instruments also calculate conductivity, throughflow, and TOC as well as the optional AQU@Sense MB, which calculates the germ count.

AQU@View automation with quality validated software modules, especially for pharmaceutical water systems. The highlight of the Loopo is point of use management alongside the data logger

STERITRON ozone generator for continuous optimum safety in the PW tank and extremely effective periodic ozone sanitization of the whole loop

Central sampling tray for simple, regular sampling of ring inflow and outflow

AQU@Sense MB for optional automatic calculation of bacterial count in WFI

DTS heat exchanger for a consistent water temperature during a reference phase and circulation

Pharmaceutical version of the BEWADES UV unit safely ensures that ozone is removed to below detection limits

Pharmaceutical quality high-performance pump for consistently ideal hydraulic conditions in the loop system

AQU@Service for WFI systems

Maximum safety, reliability, and value retention in critical production applications are achieved via quality systems, preventative service, and intelligent spare parts management.

AQU@Service is the best form of risk management. We define it individually and precisely in line with the requirements for membrane-based WFI systems.

The planned service with replacement of all wear parts, documented calibration of sensors, and replacement of all seals and membranes means you're on the safe side with BWT when audits and inspections occur.


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