BWT is the only European manufacturer of EDI modules. In the early 1990s, the SEPTRON® electrodeionisation module paved the way for environmentally friendlier water treatment. Today SEPTRON® is the core component of many modern water treatment systems.



The BWT-designed and patented EDI module was specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry and is used for the demineralisation of water with a low ion content (permeate). It works according to the principle of combining ion exchange and electrodialysis. Electrical current is used instead of chemicals. In combination with upstream reverse osmosis (RO), the SEPTRON® EDI module increases purity and safety during the production of highly purified water.


The highlights at a glance:


  • 316L stainless steel housing
  • Seal-free, spiral-wound technology
  • 100% factory tested and certified
  • Various individual size modules from 150l/h up to 4,000l/h for optimal system configuration




With SEPTRON® BioSafe, BWT Pharma & Biotech offers the world’s first EDI module with integrated ultrafiltration membrane stage. It is based on the tried and tested SEPTRON® module and has been enhanced to include an ultrafiltration membrane unit for particle and germ removal and pyrogen reduction.

Pharmaceutical grade highly purified water (HPW) can be generated with SEPTRON® BioSafe in combination with upstream reverse osmosis (RO).


The highlights at a glance:


    • Highest pure water quality
    • Low investment, low costs of operation and energy
    • Compact space saving skid design



More information:

SEPTRON® Electrodeionization Brochure

Video - The concept of SEPTRON®:


Video - Concept of SEPTRON Concept of SEPTRON®