Reliable pure steam generation for various application areas

VAPOTRON systems reliably produce pure steam for a number different application areas, and are suitable for all cGMP applications. For pure steam requirements complying with EN 285 for sterilisation in an autoclave, the plants can be equipped with a degasifyer mounted in the same skid. The basic principle of a VAPOTRON pure steam generator is the same as the first column of a multiple-effect distillation unit.


The highlights at a glance:

  • Very fast reaction time and constant pure steam pressure
  • Compact design
  • Floating DTS heat exchanger integrated in the column results in reduced thermal stress and extends the operating life of the heat exchanger
  • Compact and clear 7" control panel
  • Validated AQU@VIEW software modules (Siemens or Rockwell)
  • High-quality options (preheater, degassing, etc.) available


More information:

Brochure WFI / Pure Steam Generation, Storage and Distribution (PDF)