Combined pure steam and WFI production in one system

A combined pure steam and distillation unit simplifies the provision of clean utilities: pure steam and Water for Injection (WFI) can be generated with COMBITRON in a single instead of two units. This is made possible by the use of a specially designed first column that has a bigger diameter and uses the natural circulation principle.


The highlights at a glance:

  • Parallel production of WFI and pure steam
  • Compact design, lower space requirements compared to two separate systems
  • Cooler / condenser integrated vertically in the frame
  • Cost-efficient solution (compared to single plant)
  • Maximum efficiency through optimised cGMP-compliant design
  • Total reliability through proven distillation technique
  • Lowest consumption of heating steam and cooling water guaranteed
  • No moving parts, hence minimal maintenance
  • High-quality manufacture via orbital welding and smooth surface polishing
  • Optimum operational reliability and easy operation using PLC control with touch-screen operator interface
  • Plant steam, hot water or electrically heated systems available
  • Performance can be set between 20 and 100 % as an option for optimised energy-efficient operation
  • Very fast reaction time and constant pure steam pressure
  • Floating DTS heat exchanger integrated in the column results in reduced thermal stress and extends the operating life of the heat exchanger


More information:

Brochure WFI / Pure Steam Generation, Storage and Distribution (PDF)