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Generation, storage, distribution, and monitoring in an extremely small footprint.

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  • Thermally sanitizable PW generation including softening, reverse osmosis, and SEPTRON electrodeionization
  • Monitoring the distribution system and continuous, effective ozone sanitization of the PW tank
  • Automated, periodic ozonization of the entire distribution system as far as the valve on the point of use
  • Extremely compact unit for PW generation, storage, distribution, and monitoring in line with Ph. Eur., USP, and CP
  • STERITRON ozone generator and BEWADES UV
  • Comfortable AQU@View automation
  • Daily production capacity of up to 7.2 m³ PW, ideal for smaller consumption quantities
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The worry-free package for small quantities of Purified Water

Worry-free and single. Fully pretested, simply connect to the tank and loop.

The LOOPOLine fulfills three wishes at once. Generation of 150–300 l/h PW from potable water through softening, reverse osmosis, and SEPTRON electrodeionization with a thermally sanitizable system. Integrated loop controls and constant safety in the storage tank through ozone sanitization and UV treatment. Simple handling through a standardized single skid design, experienced contacts and taking applicable pharmacopoeia into account.


AQU@View automation with options such as a data logger, audit trail, and PoU management

SEPTRON electrodeionization module for final demineralization with a considerable reduction in TOC, SiO2, and CO2

4" full fit reverse osmosis membrane stage

Heat exchanger for sanitization of the generated product from the potable water infeed from the prefilter, softening, reverse osmosis to the SEPTRON EDI

High-performance pump, speed-regulated for ideal hydraulic conditions in the loop

Central tray for simple sampling of permeate, diluate, and PW from the ring outflow

AQU@Sense TOC online calculation

STERITRON ozone generator for continuous optimum safety in the PW tank and extremely effective periodic ozone sanitization of the whole loop

Serial softening

AQU@Service for PW systems

Maximum safety, reliability, and value retention in critical production applications is achieved via quality systems, preventative service, and intelligent spare parts management.

Durch den geplanten Service mit dem Austausch aller Verschleißteile, dokumentierte Kalibrierung der Sensoren und Wechsel aller Dichtungen und Membrane ist man im Betrieb, bei Audits und Inspektionen mit BWT auf der sicheren Seite.

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