BWT Pharma & Biotech:
Pointing the way forward for over 50 years

The beginnings of BWT Pharma & Biotech date back to September 1964, when the company was established in Leonberg, near Stuttgart, under the name of Christ GmbH. It was formed as the German subsidiary of the company Theodor Christ AG, which was founded in 1939 in Basel. Even from a very early stage, we began to focus on the challenging and strictly regulated pharmaceutical and biotechnology market.


The company formally known as Christ GmbH continued its success story under the name BWT Pharma & Biotech after BWT AG acquired the entire pharmaceutical water division of the Christ Water Technology Group in 2009.


Together with its more recently founded international subsidiaries, BWT Pharma & Biotech has been a driving force over the last 50 years in the development of high-quality technologies, efficient systems and comprehensive solutions for water treatment and clean utility supply in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


BWT Pharma & Biotech building in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany