Core technologies

Water is a resource - we treat it responsibly.


BWT Pharma & Biotech is an ISO-certified company and we are constantly working to continuously improve the processes and technologies that form the ideal basis for economic and customer-oriented solutions. This includes in particular:



Our main emphasis is on research and further development of chemical-free processes and technologies. In particular, we believe in reducing the use of chemicals so that it is no longer necessary to store and dispose of hazardous substances, such as acids and lyes; and in avoiding salination of water as a natural resource. Today, it is possible to use the tried and tested combination of reverse osmosis (RO) and SEPTRON® EDI technology to continuously and reliably produce purified water that complies with current specifications without harming the environment.


SEPTRON & SEPTRON BioSafeAt the centre of our technology, the SEPTRON® & SEPTRON® BioSafe represent two BWT-designed and patented electrodeionisation modules that currently form the core components of a number of water treatment systems.more information
STERITRONSTERITRON is a compact electrolytic ozone generator that ensures highly efficient, cost-effective, automated and continuous sanitisation of the storage and distribution system.more information
BEWADES PThe BEWADES UV unit in pharmaceutical design („P“) is used for disinfection and elimination of residual ozone in ultra-pure water circuits.more information