The perfect couple for cold WFI

Mission completed. As soon as the European Pharmacopeia allowed and specified the membrane based, cold generation of WFI, the team of BWT Pharma & Biotech designed the perfect solution.

The result is a highly efficient and safe system consisting of the OSMOTRON WFI generation system which utilises triple membrane safety with Double pass Reverse Osmosis and BWT`s SEPTRON WFI EDI modules and the LOOPO WFI which is the perfect system for the safe storage of cold WFI. Using the LOOPO WFI, the water in the storage tank is continuously sanitized with ozone and the loop can be sanitized with either ozone or sterilized with superheated hot water periodically.

OSMOTRON WFIThe membrane based system for the highly efficient cold generation of WFI with triple safety.more Information
LOOPO WFIThe compact system for the safe storage and distribution of cold WFI with the double-choice for sanitization or sterilization.more Information
SEPTRON WFIThe SEPTRON WFI is the only EDI module which was developed and designed exclusively for the requirements to generate cold WFI. more Information