VAPOTEST Airsystem

Fully automatic aseptic sampling system for liquids and pure steam

The special layout of the components in the bottle multi-port valve prevents contamination, both during transport from the autoclave to the sampling system and to the laboratory after sampling.



The highlights at a glance:


  • Sampling of pure steam and liquids with just one system
  • Microbiologically flawless sampling via a closed system
  • Automatic control of the sampling process
  • Compact, mobile system including control and integrated operating unit
  • Variable and reproducible setting facility for the required sampling amount
  • Individual adjustment of the sterilisation time or rinsing time
  • Reduction of potential scalding risks to the operating personnel
  • Only compressed air (6 bar, max 20 °C) and power (85 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz) are required on-site
  • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Connection to existing pure steam / purified water pipe can be easily implemented
VAPOTEST Airsystem