Water is the most widely used material in the Pharma & Biotech and related industries such as medical products and cosmetics.


Most processes in these industries require water and other clean utilities that meet the legal standards as defined in international pharmacopoeias. The main quality definitions are for potable water, purified water (PW or aqua purificata), highly purified water (HPW or aqua valde purificata), water for injection (WFI) and pure steam. The desired qualities can be produced by the treatment of drinking water. BWT Pharma & Biotech provides reliable systems to meet and exceed the defined qualities for clean utilities reliably.


Core technologies
Core technologiesAnti-pollution technologies for water treatmentmore information
Pre-TreatmentThe easy way from raw water to drinking water more information
PW-/ HPW generation
PW-/ HPW generationProfessional generation of PW and HPWmore information
WFI-/ Pure steam generation
WFI-/ Pure steam generationDistillation units with maximum energy-efficiencyWFI-/ Pure steam generation
Cold WFI
Cold WFIProfessional generation, storage and distribution of cold WFI acc. to Ph. Eur. and USPCold WFI
Storage & distribution
Storage & distributionEnsures compliant water quality up to the point of useStorage & distribution
Auxiliary products
Auxiliary productsAuxilary products for critical utility systemsAuxiliary products