Innovative PW-/HPW generation with unique, continuous sanitization technology


OsmoVision enables highly efficient and environmentally friendly PW/HPW generation. Unique and patented SANITRON technology allows for continuous sanitization without added chemicals. Thus ensuring sustainable, cost-effective continuous production.


The highlights at a glance:

  • Improved technology using the experience of hundreds of validated PW systems worldwide.
  • All process steps on one skid: pre-treatment, softening, filtration, membrane stage and final demineralization via the patented SEPTRON®-BioSafe EDI-module, combined with the new SANITRON technology.
  • Compact, standardized, prefabricated skids, fully tested and pre-qualified before delivery.
  • Unique and patented SANITRON technology for continuous sanitization, CO2 reduction and Cl2 removal.
  • Unique, patented SEPTRON® BioSafe EDI-technology with integrated UF membran stage for maximum microbiological safety during PW or HPW production.
  • MULTIJOINT block valves minimise deadlegs, optimise flow and reduce the amount of piping required.
  • Softener regeneration and sanitization with BWT SANISAL P tabs.


More information:

OsmoVision Brochure