Water for Injection (WFI) and Pure Steam production

With MULTITRON and VAPOTRON we offer most energy efficient multi-effect equipment for the production of Water for Injection (WFI) and Pure Steam. The systems comply with the cGMP requirements.

The state-of-art control package complies with GAMP requirements as well as with an intuitive operation via touch-screen panel. Each system is fully equipped to be hooked-up to an overall building management or 21 CFR Part 11 data storage system.





VAPOTRON pure steam generators meet the requirements for dry, pyrogen-free pure steam for applications, such as:

  • Sterilization in place (SIP) of equipment
  • Sterilization of piping systems
  • Operational heating source for GMP sterilizers
  • Sealing of GMP gaskets such as biotech fermenters
  • Air humidification of clean rooms

MULTITRON and VAPOTRON: For the most reliable and energy-efficient production of Water for Injection and Pure Steam.